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Announcements (May 2017)


The school will re-open on August 20, 2017, Insha-AllahAll the Parents must complete the Registration Process at the start of new academic year on August 20, 2017.  Even if you pre-registered in May/June, you must come to school on the first day (Aug 20) and complete the appropriate forms to complete registration (signing as a volunteer and returning the Release form).  Failure to do so will result in cancellation of registration.  The registration will be kept open for the first three weeks (Aug 20, Aug 27 and Sept 10), subject to the availability of space.

Registration will continue when school re-opens on August-20 (depending on the availability of space).  The last day to register is September 10-2017.   Just a reminder that for a child to be admitted to KG, he/she must be 5 years old (by Sept-1, 2017)  and planning to start KG in the regular school in Fall – 2017.

Here are the openings in each Grade:

GRADE Openings
KG Closed
Gr-1 Closed
Gr-2 Closed
Gr-3 Closed
Gr-4 3
Gr-5 Closed
Gr-6 Closed
Gr-7 10
Gr-8 6
High School (Boys) 10
High School (Girls) 9

 The fee for the 1st child is $470/year.  Fees for the siblings will be $420/year/child. Fees can also be paid in two installments.  The last day to claim a refund is August-20, 2017.  In case of a refund $50/child will be deducted from the returned fee.

# Child(ren) Single Payment Two Installments
One Child (1) $470.00 $235.00
Two Children (2) $890.00 $445.00
Three Children (3) $1310.00 $655.00
Four Children (4) $1730.00 $865.00