“Be On Time” : Late Policy – Strictly Enforced

LATE ARRIVAL IN THE MORNING:  Students should be in school no later than 10am. Any student arriving at the school after 10am is considered late.  If a student is late more than 3 times per quarter, he/she will not be allowedto attend the class each subsequent time he/she is late.

Children arriving after 10AM can not be dropped in the Parking Lot.  If you are late, you must park your car and come to the front desk to sign the TARDY FORM, otherwise your child will not be allowed in the classroom and you will be asked to come and pick up your child from school.

LATE PICKUP FROM THE SCHOOL: Students must be picked up at 1:30PM.  Anybody who does not pick up their child at 1:30PM will have to pay $1/minute/child fine.  So if you are 15 minutes late, you will have to pay $15 fine per child.