Families currently enrolled in the School

Pre-registration will take place at the school during the April 15, April 22, and April  29. All registration forms and waivers must be filled out.  Fall Quarter Tuition fees should be paid for each child being registered. 

Registering during these first 3 weeks will guarantee re-enrollment for existing families in the new school year. Any family that misses the pre-registration procedure will not be guaranteed enrollment next year and will have to join the enrollment process for New Families.


  • Pick up pre-filled Registration form for your family from the Registration Desk. Check for mistakes and complete missing information.
  • Pick up Parent Feedback Form  and complete it.  This form is also available on the website.
  • Pick up Registration Release Form  and complete it.  This form is also available on the website.
  • Write a check for the appropriate amount (check amount below).
  • Give the Registration Form, Parent Feedback Form, Registration Release Form  and Check to complete Registration.

New Families (without currently enrolled children)

Once the pre-registration process for existing families is completed in May, the school will determine which classes/grade levels have openings for new students. These openings will be posted on this website.

For new families who want to register children in a grade level with openings, the registration process occur at the school during the last two weeks of the school year in May/JuneAll registration forms and waivers must be filled out.

NOTE !!  We will only register new students in grade levels that have openings.  This includes situations in which a family desires to register 2 (or more) children, yet there are openings in only 1 of the grade levels.

If, after the June registration period, there are still openings in some grade levels, we will open registration for the first 3 weeks of the new Fall quarter (in September) until those openings are filled.

While we welcome new families to come to the school, we are not holding any “Open House” days for classroom observation – as it is too disruptive for the teachers and students.

Download:  Registration-Form   Registration Release

Tuition and Books

Yearly tuition is $470/child for the first child and $420/child for siblings.  The fees can be paid in a lump sum or in two installments (June and January).  The tuition covers the registration fees as well as all of the student’s textbooks.

Financial Aid

All families are welcome at the Islamic School of Stanford (per class openings), regardless of their ability to pay tuition fees. Financial Aid is available. If you feel it will be difficult to pay part or all of the tuition, please fill out the Financial Aid section on the registration form.

All tuition and financial aid information is held strictly confidential by the school’s Registrar.